Book Review: 75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home

Book Review: 75 Ways to Have More Fun at HomeHave you ever had one of those days? You know the ones I’m talking about. When your child wants to play the same game over and over again? Perhaps refusing to try any other activity you recommend doing? Or even worse, the awesome plans you had to take the family out have now been ruined by bad weather, like say, pouring rain?

Yep, me too. 

To add insult to injury, most of these days seem to always happen after a long day of work. Or on a perfectly planned family weekend. Am I right? I don’t know about you, but by the time I get home from work I feel like my creativity has waned into non-existence, making it tough to keep things interesting at home. I find myself always repeating the same activities, trying to keep our son occupied until his bedtime routine. But there are only so many times I can read the same books or play the same games, before we’re both bored to death!

That’s why I was so excited to have discovered Anna Luther’s new eBook, “75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home.” Anna is also the author of the popular blog, My Life and Kids

You’d think it would be easy, but coming up with new and interesting activities to do with kids can often be harder than solving a quantum mechanics problem. But not for Anna. What I love about her book is that all her ideas are simple and easily executed. And the best part is that you’ll most likely have everything you need for these activities already in your home!

One of my favorite suggestions from Anna’s book is #29 – Go Camping. I love how she suggests to camp inside, using a sound machine to simulate nature and a Twilight Turtle to provide the stars. We had long since put both of these items away, but now we’ll be breaking them out for our first camping trip in the living room! I also love #56 – Drop-Ceiling Building; where you hang sheets from the panels in your drop ceiling basement to create a house or puppet theatre or anything else you can put your mind to. 

Craft Box

Our craft box.

This book not only gave me great ideas though. It also gave reassurance that I’m already doing some fun activities with our son, as a few of the suggestions we are already doing frequently in our home. Like #30 – Dance Party or #15 – Create a Craft Bag (except ours is a large plastic tote!) But what I loved best about this book is the way it was written – from the perspective of a mom who has been there and done that. Reading this eBook is like having coffee with your best mom friend. Someone with whom you share your embarrassing parenting moments – like #12 Snack Day or #3 – make Farting Noises. 

Dance Party

Dance Party!

Don’t be embarrassed. Whatever works, right? 


So if you’re in need of a few creative ideas for things to do at home with your kids, I highly recommend you check out Anna Luther’s “75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home.” You can purchase her eBook at for only $3.99 as either a PDF download or through Amazon for your Kindle, iPad or iPhone.



This ebook was provided to It’s Learning Time by the author free for review. The opinions expressed in this post are purely our own.


Do you have a great idea for an at-home activity with the kids? We’d love to hear about it, so please be sure to comment below!

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review, Kaitlyn! I love #29 too – and it's going to be a rainy afternoon – so we'll probably find ourselves camping in the living room today! :)

    • Thanks Anna! Have fun and don’t forget to light an Autumn Leaves Yankee Candle to give you the smell of the outdoors too! :-)

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