Trigger Thumb

Trigger Finger, Trigger ThumbI’m sure you’ve all heard of trigger finger, but have you heard of trigger thumb?

Trigger finger, trigger thumb, trigger digit – whatever you want to call it – is when a tendon in your finger catches, snaps or locks and causes pain or discomfort.

In my case….pain….lots and lots of pain….

It first started in only one hand, and very sporadically, while I was home on maternity leave. Then progressively it started in my other hand. It got so bad, that I couldn’t even snap my thumb back in place on my own. I had to push it with my other hand!


After a few weeks of this, I finally called my physician who diagnosed me with trigger thumb – in both hands! So she referred me to a specialist to have it looked at.

The specialist told me that some cases can require surgery, but all I would need was a cortisone shot in both thumbs. I was also told that in some cases, after the first cortisone shot, trigger thumb can manifest itself again, and in that instance I may need another shot, or perhaps surgery.

So, why am I telling you this Mamas? Well, because trigger finger is typically caused by highly repetitive movement – like say for example, texting on your cell phone! I’m pretty sure I developed trigger thumb from all the late night social media posting, web browsing and mobile game playing I did to keep myself awake as I breastfed!

The things we Mamas go through! :-)

Did this happen to anyone else? I’d love to hear your story and any advice you have for the rest of the Mamas out there!

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