Gearing up for Glucose

Glucose Tolerance Test

Glucose Tolerance Test

 I had forgot all about it. I mean, its been over 2 years since I had thought about it. 

Back in the good old days, circa 2010 that is, the glucose tolerance test was a one hour test. You were required to fast for 3 hours prior and was told you’d go to the lab, drink something, wait an hour (grab your iPad) and get your blood drawn. For those of you who are newly pregnant and haven’t yet encountered this nasty test, the glucose tolerance test is a blood test to measure your body’s response to sugar. It is used to screen for gestational diabetes. (Its important to note that I don’t harbor bad thoughts just for this test. I despise all tests, really anything, that involves needles. But I digress…) 

What isn’t widely discussed is the disgusting drink you have to take before the test. My lab paperwork said, and I quote, “it tastes like flat orange soda”. Umm….no, not quite. If you ever had orange-flavored Fanta when you were a kid, its kinda like that, on steroids. Basically its like drinking imitation orange-flavored sugar water. And trust me when I say, its gross. No, nasty. It is so concentrated in sugar that it almost burns your mouth as you swallow it. Really. Oh and it gets even better. As if swallowing this delectable drink wasn’t hard enough. You have to chug the thing within 5 minutes. 

Did the people that dreamed up this test forget that many pregnant women have nausea? So yeah, it must be a good idea to force them to pound down a nasty orange sugar drink. 

I remember feeling trepidation going into the test for my first pregnancy. Mostly because of the needles. But also because if I didn’t “pass”, whatever that meant, I would have to take it again, only longer! But having passed the test in 2010, I thought this time would be a cinch. Of course, that was before they told me I had to fast starting at midnight the night before. Wait, WHAT? What happened to 3 hours? Do they not realize I am pregnant and I have a tiny human inside me sucking away all of my nutrients? I am STARVING. How am I to go 8 hours without eating or drinking?

This is where the pep talk comes. Ok Kaitlyn. Buck up. You can do this. Sure you’re starving. And you have a mean little human incessantly kicking you from the inside demanding to be fed. But its only 8 hours. And most of them you’ll be sleeping. Sure, your toddler will devour every morsel of his breakfast in front of you in the morning. And you’ll salivate as you watch him torment you so. Licking his fingers and all. But you can do this.

Oh wait. Did I forget to mention that now the first glucose tolerance test is 2 hours? So my 8 hour fast just jumped to 10. Oh, and by the way, instead of drawing blood once, you have to do it three times!


Thankfully, I survived the test this time around, and with only a few small needle bruises to show of it. But I do still have a bit of the burning in my throat. Or that could be heart burn. I’m not sure. And after the test I did what every reasonable pregnant women does after getting sugar shocked. I devoured candy and cupcakes to satisfy my hunger. 

I mean hey, whats a little more sugar going to do at that point anyways?

Easter Crafts for Kids

It’s only one week from Easter and I’m still scouring Pinterest for ideas on crafts to do with Gavin. Thankfully,  there were plenty of cute ideas to choose from. Here were two of my favorites:

Easter Bunny Mask @

This Easter Bunny mask was so simple to make! Just buy wood craft popsicle sticks (I used the jumbo size – 5 7/8 x 11/16 in), white pipe cleaners and pink pom poms. Twist each pipe cleaner (you’ll only need 3) around the top of the stick. Then glue on your pom pom (I used a glue gun to keep it more secure). Voila! Simple Easter Bunny mask any age kid will have fun with.

Paper Plate Easter Bunny Easter Crafts For Kids @

This Easter Bunny paper plate craft took a little bit longer, but not by much. First we painted Gavin’s feet with washable Crayola paint and had him step on a 12×12 piece of white cardstock (I used scrapbook paper). Now, getting a toddler to step on paper with painted feet is no easy task, so be prepared with extra sheets of paper. (And be ready to catch your toddler as they run off to leave painted footprints all over your home!) We let the foot prints dry for a few hours before cutting them in the shape of bunny ears. Next we used pipe cleaners and a pom pom to create the whiskers and nose. We drew the rest of the facial features, but you could use googly eyes if you had some (I didn’t).


Hope you enjoyed our homemade Easter crafts for kids! We’ve got a few more ideas for your try to visiting our Easter Pinterest board!


Please Pardon My Absence


Hi. Remember me? 

Actually, you probably don’t. Given that its been 5 months since I last posted. 

I think its time we get reacquainted. Hi, I’m Kaitlyn. Mother of a now highly rambunctious two year old boy. 

Oh yeah … and soon-to-be mother of baby boy #2.

So you see, please pardon my absence. I’ve been a little busy these past few months. :-)

At the end of October we found out we were pregnant with our second child. And once the initial feeling of overwhelming joy had passed, so too did the last of my brain cells.

Hence why I’ve been MIA. And yes, I am blaming the alien kicking around in me right now for the loss of my creative mind. But I figure its ok. One day he’ll blame me for not giving him muffins for dinner, so we’ll square up eventually.

In any event, I’m back. And if you promise to keep visiting, I promise to keep writing.

But right now, I need to indulge in my latest pregnancy craving … cheese curls.

Talk soon,



Car Seat Safety Check

Car Seat Safety CheckOf all the things on my “to do” list before I gave birth, I never thought to get a car seat safety inspection. In truth, it wasn’t until after the baby was born that I thought about checking to make sure the seat was properly installed. But there is never a dull moment when you are a new mom. Thus days turned into weeks, which turned into months, and before I knew it, our son was 20 months old and in a convertible car seat.

Then I heard about National Car Seat Check Day on September 22nd, the culmination of National Car Seat Safety Week. There were checks held all over the U.S. that day, and luckily one wasn’t too far from us. It was sponsored by Kohl’s Cares and held in the Kohl’s parking lot.

Car Seat Safety CheckWe were directed to an inspection line where we met Manny, a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST), who proceeded to inspect our car and our convertible car seat. That’s when we were given the shocking news – we had several things wrong with our car seat set up:

  • {#1} –  Right away, Manny called our attention to our roller window shade. It is not recommended to use shades that suction to your window, as they may come loose and fall or the child may be able to reach it and pull it on top of themselves, causing injury. Manny suggested using a cling sunshade that adheres to the window itself, but which can also be easily removed. [Note: We’ve tried this, but our rear windows come standard with a factory tint to them. With this cling shade also on the window, I found it too dark to see out of, limiting my blind spot field of vision. You should also check with local officials to see if using this type of shade will create a traffic violation for overly tinted windows. Here’s a link for Massachusetts law on tinted windows.]
  • {#2}  – We had purchased a vinyl seat cover and placed it under the car seat. We thought the cover would help guard the cloth seats against spills and the pockets that were built in served as perfect toy storage. Unfortunately, Manny showed us that without much effort, he could slide the car seat about an inch simply because it was less secure on such a slick surface. Needless to say, that came off right away!
  • {#3} – Headrest mirror. Manny advised against using a headrest mirror, as it might come loose and fall on our son, or break in an accident.
  • {#4} – We had installed our car seat using the seat belt and the LATCH seat anchor. Manny let us know that in this instance, two safety measures are not better than one, and only one or the other should be used to secure the car seat.

Manny uninstalled our car seat and walked us through the proper installation, making sure it was nice and secure before we left. He also advised us on how to install the car seat forward facing, since we’ll be making that switch in a few short months, and let us know about some of the regulation changes that are coming for 2013. Then the certified instructors watched us secure Gavin in the seat, making sure we knew how to position him well and how to secure his harness strap. We were also given a few reference materials on the proper installation of all types of car seats.

After our seat was check we felt much more secure in travelling with Gavin. But we didn’t high-tail it out of there. We stopped and visited the other vendors at the event, Safe Kids Rhode Island, Injury Prevention Center at Rhode Island Hospital, New York Life (offering Child ID kits), Kohl’s (of course) and a local radio station and day care center. Safe Kids was handing out snacks and juice boxes for kids and even had a few games for them to play. And Kohl’s was giving away Eric Carle books and stuffed animals. There was even Dunkin Donuts coffee and snacks for the parents to enjoy!

Halloween Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Halloween Trick Or Treat Safety TipsHalloween is a festive and fun time of year for children (and adults). It’s the one time of year where you’re expected to play dress-up, overindulge in chocolate and sweets and play friendly tricks on your loved ones. But amidst all that playful debauchery, Halloween is also one of the most dangerous holidays for a child.

Here are a few tips on how to stay safe and have fun this Halloween season.


  • Seeing kids in costume is one of my favorite parts of Halloween. Just be sure the costumes fit correctly and aren’t too loose or long – to avoid any trips, falls or other bumps in the night.
  • Be sure to purchase costumes that are flame retardant to avoid any hazards near candles, luminaries or burning jack-o-lanterns.
  • If possible, have your child wear face paint/makeup instead of a mask, which can obstruct their vision when walking on the roads or going up/down steps.
  • Sometimes dressing up can create overexcitement in kids – especially those dressed in costumes with props. Be sure any costume accessories are made out of cardboard or some form of flexible material.


  • It should be common sense, but just in case, here are my 3 “mind your manners” rules to trick or treating:
    • #1 – Remind your child to always say “trick or treat” when they arrive on someone’s door step. You’d be surprised how many kids today just walk up and wordlessly wait for their candy payload.
    • #2 – Advise your child that it’s impolite to take the candy. Instead they should always wait for the homeowner to give it to them. (Unless of course they tell the child to take the candy themselves. In this case, remind them to only take 1 or 2 pieces so that there will be plenty left for other trick or treaters.)
    •  #3 – Remind your child to say “thank you” at every house they visit. Casper the friendly ghost has manners. So should every other ghoul and goblin.

Trick or Treating

  • Be sure to check with your Town to see when the designated hours are for trick or treating. You can usually find this online, from the local police or local cable access station.
  • Plan out a safe trick or treat route in advance. Be sure to make note of any unsafe road hazards that you may pass while you are out, like roads without sidewalks or narrow bends.
  • If you plan to be out after the sun sets, be sure to carry glow sticks or flashlights, and wear reflective material on your clothes and costumes.
  • Young children should always be accompanied by an adult; during time when it is still light outside.
  • For older kids going out on their own, remind them that there is safety in numbers. Always travel in a group, stay in well-lit, populated areas, and never accept rides from strangers.
  • Never trick or treat at an unlit house, or one that you don’t know.
  • If there are no sidewalks, be sure to walk on the left side of the street, so you are facing any oncoming traffic.

Treats / Candy

  • Be sure to check all candy before you allow your kids to eat it.
  • Don’t accept any homemade or unwrapped treats unless you have checked them and know the person giving them to you.
  • Try to keep candy consumption to a minimum to avoid a ghoulish sugar overload!
  • Have leftovers? Consider donating it to and have it sent to troops serving overseas!


We hope you enjoyed these simple Halloween Trick or Treat Safety Tips. We’d love to hear any other recommendations you have!

Book Review: 75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home

Book Review: 75 Ways to Have More Fun at HomeHave you ever had one of those days? You know the ones I’m talking about. When your child wants to play the same game over and over again? Perhaps refusing to try any other activity you recommend doing? Or even worse, the awesome plans you had to take the family out have now been ruined by bad weather, like say, pouring rain?

Yep, me too. 

To add insult to injury, most of these days seem to always happen after a long day of work. Or on a perfectly planned family weekend. Am I right? I don’t know about you, but by the time I get home from work I feel like my creativity has waned into non-existence, making it tough to keep things interesting at home. I find myself always repeating the same activities, trying to keep our son occupied until his bedtime routine. But there are only so many times I can read the same books or play the same games, before we’re both bored to death!

That’s why I was so excited to have discovered Anna Luther’s new eBook, “75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home.” Anna is also the author of the popular blog, My Life and Kids

You’d think it would be easy, but coming up with new and interesting activities to do with kids can often be harder than solving a quantum mechanics problem. But not for Anna. What I love about her book is that all her ideas are simple and easily executed. And the best part is that you’ll most likely have everything you need for these activities already in your home!

One of my favorite suggestions from Anna’s book is #29 – Go Camping. I love how she suggests to camp inside, using a sound machine to simulate nature and a Twilight Turtle to provide the stars. We had long since put both of these items away, but now we’ll be breaking them out for our first camping trip in the living room! I also love #56 – Drop-Ceiling Building; where you hang sheets from the panels in your drop ceiling basement to create a house or puppet theatre or anything else you can put your mind to. 

Craft Box

Our craft box.

This book not only gave me great ideas though. It also gave reassurance that I’m already doing some fun activities with our son, as a few of the suggestions we are already doing frequently in our home. Like #30 – Dance Party or #15 – Create a Craft Bag (except ours is a large plastic tote!) But what I loved best about this book is the way it was written – from the perspective of a mom who has been there and done that. Reading this eBook is like having coffee with your best mom friend. Someone with whom you share your embarrassing parenting moments – like #12 Snack Day or #3 – make Farting Noises. 

Dance Party

Dance Party!

Don’t be embarrassed. Whatever works, right? 


So if you’re in need of a few creative ideas for things to do at home with your kids, I highly recommend you check out Anna Luther’s “75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home.” You can purchase her eBook at for only $3.99 as either a PDF download or through Amazon for your Kindle, iPad or iPhone.



This ebook was provided to It’s Learning Time by the author free for review. The opinions expressed in this post are purely our own.


Do you have a great idea for an at-home activity with the kids? We’d love to hear about it, so please be sure to comment below!

Top 10 Reasons to be a Stay at Home Mom

Moms choose to go back to work for many reasons. Some enjoy their job and find their work rewarding. Some go back to help financially support their family. Others find the company of adults a pleasant change from baby babbling and toddler ramblings all day. (It’s like an 8-hour vacation every day!) Some go back for a combination of all of the above! But many Moms choose not to return to work. Those Moms have secured full time employment in the most important job position they will ever hold – the stay at home mom!

Now that Gavin is a toddler, I find myself wishing more and more that I was a stay at home mom. Don’t get me wrong, even when he was a baby there were days I just wished I didn’t have to go to work. But now that he’s older and so much more interactive, that desire has become stronger.

For all you stay at home moms – I’m jealous! There are many, many reasons I wish to join your ranks. Too many to list. But I’m going to try anyways! So here are my top 10 reasons I want to be a stay at home mom.

{#1 – Piggy Toes}
Top 10 Reasons to be a Stay at Home Mom - #1: Piggy ToesEverything is better when you play with your toes. No, seriously. There can be a full blown temper tantrum in effect and all I have to do is call attention to Gavin’s piggy toes and we’re back on track. One of my favorite activities with Gavin is pretending that his feet smell. Stay with me here….I sniff them, waft at my nose, shout “pee-yew” and receive the most hearty belly laugh you could ever hear from a child. He always asks for more and I get a kick out of watching him roll on the ground trying to smell his toes too. We count his toes, make imprints of them in play dough, trace them on paper and dance to our favorite songs with them (including our favorite “Touch Your Toes to Your Nose”).

{#2 – Pete and Repeat}
Gavin is a toddler now and learning so much every day. He absorbs the world around him like a little sponge. So I just love when he repeats what I say. Granted, I can see how this might be annoying when kids are older, but right now, I love it. My favorite is when he mimics me by shaking his finger and telling the cat to “get down” after it jumps on the table. Cracks me up every time!

{#3 – Outdoor Exploration}
Top 10 Reasons to be a Stay at Home Mom - #3: Outdoor ExplorationEverything in the world is new and exciting in the eyes of a toddler. Weeds aren’t weeds. They are tiny flowers that can be picked, smelled and given to Mommy. A big rock isn’t just a yard nuisance. It’s something to climb on and run down and sit on to watch the world from. The driveway isn’t just for parking cars. It’s the best coloring canvas available.

{#4 – Morning Wake Up}
This is my absolute FAVORITE part of the day. I love opening the door to his room and seeing his sleepy face standing in his crib, one hand holding his socks (which he would rather cuddle than wear on his feet) and the other hugging his lovie snuggle blanket. We exchange our first hugs and words and get ready to start the day. Unfortunately for me, I miss many of these mornings since I’m already in the shower getting ready for work. But when I do catch them, they are the best way to start the day.

{#5 – Sleeping In}
Shhh…this is a very taboo topic. If you even think about sleeping in, never mind talk about it, you undoubtedly will NEVER be able to sleep in. It’s like your child has ESP and will make sure you never fulfill this dream. Am I right? However, there have been times on the weekend when Gavin has slept in. So late in fact, that I could actually see sunlight when he awoke! We all enjoy a good night sleep on those occasions. And I for one would like to experience that on a weekday. Even if just once!

{#6 – Hugs Any Time}
Ok Moms, I know you’ve done this. There you are, cross-legged on the floor with your baby on your lap. Your child is reading or playing with a toy and are completely oblivious to you being there or the fact that they are even sitting on you. All of a sudden, the urge hits you. You just can’t resist. You wrap your arms around them, take in a big sniff of their sweet baby smell, and hug them from behind. Ahhhhh……

{#7 – Running Errands}
Working all day leaves me with only a few moments in the evening (before dinner and bedtime) for time to grocery shop or run any other errands. Unfortunately, this means either less time at home, or a frantic run through the store with a crabby and hungry toddler in tow. Being a stay at home mom would allow me to time my errands better –not interfering with naps or meals – so that we could spend more quality time together as a family at night.

{#8 – Parks and Zoos and Museums, Oh My!}
Top 10 Reasons to be a Stay at Home Mom - #8: Parks and Zoos and MuseumsEvery weekend I think to myself, “we should go to the zoo!” Then I think about all the crowds, the screaming children, and the overall mass chaos from other families also trying to squeeze in family fun on the weekends. Yup, it would be so much easier to visit places during the week, when a lot of other families are at work or school!

{#9 – Nap Time}
Please, I’m not delusional. I know that even though my child naps during the day, it doesn’t mean that I would be doing it too if I were home. But boy it would be nice to have the option!

{#10 – To Grandmother’s House We Go!}
I’m sure I’ll be getting a phone call after a certain grandmother reads this, but if I were a stay at home mom; you bet I’d be making frequent visits to Grammy’s house! There’s nothing better than watching a grandmother play with her grandchild, all while you get to sit back and enjoy her home cooked meals! And in my experience, it’s a grandparent’s job to spoil their grandchildren, so a visit will undoubtedly result in presents for your tot! Bonus: A visit to Grammy’s usually results in leftovers and cookies to take home. :-) (Love you Grammy!)


So there you have it. My top 10 reasons to be a stay at home mom. We’d love to hear your reasons for being a stay at home mom too.

Oh, and in case you thought I believe being a stay at home mom is easy (yeah right), I’ve also drafted my top 10 reasons to return to work!  Keep reading, it will be posted soon!

Toy Review: Fisher-Price Lil’ Zoomers Spinnin’ Sounds Speedway

Toy Review: Fisher-Price Lil’ Zoomers Spinnin’ Sounds Speedway

Fisher-Price Lil’ Zoomers Spinnin’ Sounds Speedway

Gavin received the Fisher-Price Lil’ Zoomers Spinnin’ Sounds Speedway as a gift for Christmas last year. At that time, he was almost a year old.

The Fisher-Price Lil’ Zoomers Spinnin’ Sounds Speedway features a racetrack design, with an upper and lower ramp. It comes with two shake and roll cars that a child can drop down the top ramp, to roll into the spinning race track center. Then the cars exit the track by rolling down the lower ramp. A car rolling over a button on the upper ramp will activate the spinning, but it can also be activated by pulling down the red gearshift on the front of the toy.

In the beginning, Gavin loved this toy. Unfortunately, the cars don’t spin for long at all – only a few seconds. He quickly grew weary of picking up the cars from the exit ramp and putting them back in the toy. But he discovered that he could put a number of other objects down the ramp, like balls, trains and Matchbox cars! After a while though, it became more fun to simply sit in the center of the toy while it tried to spin (which doesn’t work). I was always afraid this would break it, but it’s almost a year later and it’s still working.

Toy Review: Fisher-Price Lil’ Zoomers Spinnin’ Sounds SpeedwayWhile the toy was entertaining for Gavin, I felt there were a few design flaws. First, the flag over the exit ramp is not fully secured, so Gavin often knocked it down when playing with the toy. Second, if the toy is not placed on a smooth surface then the cars do not roll off the exit ramp. Instead, they piled up until you actually pulled them off the ramp. It worked fine on hardwood, but if used on a rug or blanket, forget about it. Finally, there wasn’t much else to do with the toy. There are a few wheels that kids can turn and spin, but that’s about it. So for me, it didn’t score too high on lasting entertainment value, but as I said, Gavin enjoyed it just fine!

The toy requires 4 C batteries and has two volume levels. Unfortunately, I found both to be rather loud (don’t let the low audio quality in the video below fool you). It also has lights, a catchy tune, and fun racing sounds.

Overall I’d say the Fisher-Price Lil’ Zoomers Spinnin’ Sounds Speedway is a decent toy for young children 9 months to 18 months. But if you’re looking to entertain your child as he/she ages, I’d pick from one of Fisher-Price’s many other fun toys.


Does your child play with the Fisher-Price Lil’ Zoomers Spinnin’ Sounds Speedway? Let us know what you think of it!

Toy Review: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table

Toy Review: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical TableGavin was given the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table as a gift when he was 10 months old. At that age, Gavin wasn’t walking, but he was standing with support and cruising around coffee tables with ease.

Recommended for ages 6 months to 3 years, the Laugh & Learn table can either be used for floor play, or as a table when the legs are attached, making it a great toy for both babies and toddlers. Gavin loved walking around the table to interact with the four different stations – a laptop computer and mouse, phone, book and keyboard. In addition to the four stations on the table, there are also four activity modes – Learning, Music, Spanish and Play.

Check out our video below to get a quick glance at the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table and all its settings.

In the Learning mode, the toy helps to teach letters, numbers, shapes, colors and opposites. The same goes for Spanish mode, except each word is followed with the Spanish translation. However, as you may have noticed in the video, the songs in Spanish mode are all in English, which I found odd. In Music mode, every button plays a new song and in the Play mode the buttons offer a series of fun realistic sounds, like the beeps of the phone numbers or the sound of piano keys.

My favorite part of the table is all the songs. No matter what mode you were on, you could press a button on the table for a song, which were always fun and upbeat. Gavin loved dancing to the songs and if you’re like me, you’ll be singing along with the catchy tunes!

A nice feature included in this toy, which I haven’t typically seen in many Fisher-Price products, is an adjustable volume! There are three volume levels to choose from, located under the table. We always kept it on the lowest volume, which seemed to be just right for our household (and our ears)!

The only negative feature is that the table is pretty lightweight, so if you have it on a smooth surface, like hardwood or low pile rug, it may easily slide when a toddler leans against it. We found this happened a few times with Gavin, but he was never seriously injured. I’ve read reviews on Amazon where children have slammed the laptop cover down over their fingers. I personally don’t feel it closes with any real force and thankfully, that never seemed to be a problem for Gavin.

One product improvement I would like to see would be adding a string to connect the phone receiver to the table. Right now the receiver is unattached and sits cradled on the phone. Gavin was always dropping it or knocking it over, resulting in Mommy and Daddy having to constantly pick it up. (Yes, I can be a little lazy!)

Gavin used his table daily, and even though it requires 3 AA batteries, I don’t think we’ve had to change them once yet. Now that he’s 19 months, Gavin still plays with his table; though not nearly as frequently (we’ve now entered the Thomas the Train stage).

But beware Moms with toddlers – my little guy now likes to use his table as something to climb on. Needless to say, we now only bring it out when he’s under strict supervision!

Overall, we were really happy to have this toy in our home. It served as a great learning tool and helped reinforce learning in a fun and interactive way!


Do you have the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table? We’d love to hear what you think of it!

Product Review: Munchkin Childproofing Kit & Quick Install Gate

September is National Baby Safety Month – a time to share advice on everything from home safety tips to the best safety products designed to protect our little ones and give parents the peace of mind we all deserve.

As a new mom, I am constantly worrying about Gavin’s safety. I find myself always saying to him things like “be careful” and “watch out”. And I curse every furniture manufacturer for making anything with a sharp edge (which consists of pretty much everything in my house, including our kitchen table, TV stand and coffee tables).

If you feel anything like I do, you know that finding great childproofing and child safety products is a top priority. That’s why I love the new safety products rolled out by Munchkin.

Munchkin Childproofing KitI like to think of Munchkin’s new Childproofing Kit as a “preventive first aid” kid for new parents. This package includes 25 essential safety items to help you combat pretty much every childproofing situation you’ll encounter! It includes 1 dual purpose door stopper, 4 energy absorbing corner cushions, 8 cabinet/drawer locks, and 12 outlet covers.

The door stopper can be used both as a true stopper and as a catch guard, to prevent your child’s tiny fingers from getting caught in a slammed door. The corner cushions are designed to collapse under impact to absorb the energy of a collision with the corner. The outlet covers are a perfect color match to my existing outlet plates, blending nicely and making them much less noticeable than my existing outlet covers. And they seem to be more tamper resistant as well (though thankfully Gavin has yet to attempt to remove an outlet cover). What I love about the cabinet/drawer locks is that they can be used in 3 different positions, making them much more versatile for a variety of designs of cabinets and drawers!

Munchkin Quick Install Safety GateMunchkin has also developed a new Quick Install safety gate. This gate is pressure-mounted, and can be used for spaces from 26” to 42” wide. The locking arm has 1/4” width adjustments, making it easier to get a snug fit in your space. What I love most about this gate is that I could set it up on my own! No tools or husband required! Simply slide the gate to fit the space and push down the locking arm, snapping it into place. It literally took me not even 10 seconds to install (see the video below). I only wish it could fit into wider spaces. My home has an open first floor, so many of the spaces between rooms were too wide for this gate. But I did find the perfect home for it – the bottom of the stairs in our basement! Now I don’t have to worry about Gavin climbing up the stairs when we are playing or working down there. (Note: pressure mounted gates should never be used at the top of stairs.)

Note to parents: The Munchkin Quick Install gate is only 26” high, so it really shouldn’t be used with children as they approach 24 months old. Gavin is 20 months and while this gate did keep him safe and secure, he also tried dutifully to climb it. (Boys will be boys….) This probably goes without saying, but if you do use it with older babies/toddlers, be sure to place the locking arm on the opposite side of where you are keeping your child. I doubt very much they could unlock it, but if they are anything like my child, they may try to use it as leverage to climb on.

We love Munchkin products at our house and the new line up of child safety products and accessories is sure to please you too (not to mention help you sleep better at night)! Check out the full range of products at


Munchkin provided these safety products free for review. The opinions expressed in this post are purely our own.


Do you have a favorite Munchkin product? Let us know by commenting below!


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